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General Sudoku Websites

Mark Huckvale – Su Doku Puzzles

From the department of Phonetics and Linguistics at UCL, Mark Huckvale supplies The Independent newspaper with the Sudoku variants of Super Sudoku (four-by-four Sudoku) and Godoku word version of Sudoku). The site also includes a Sudoku generator for three-by-three puzzles.

Sudoku for The Daily Telegraph Readers

Michael Mepham, creator of the The Daily Telegraph Sudoku puzzles, offers news items and his Sudoku creation services. Michael offers good advice on solving really difficult puzzles as well as some interesting reader advice.

Nikoli Puzzles

Tokyo based puzzle provider for magazines and other publications. The original source of Sudoku in Japan.

Daily SuDoku

Sam Griffiths-Jones offers a daily Sudoku puzzle, sizeable archive and a printable PDF work sheet to his website visitors.

Sudoku Fun

A daily Sudoku speed challenge. See your name appear on the leader board when you can complete the puzzle quicker than the rest.


An Excel Sudoku generator created by Peter Mladek with a work pad and solution aid. Generates completed puzzles that may be emailed directly to The Times newspaper.

Make Sudoku

Personalise your puzzles with this ten-step tutorial on creating your own Sudoku puzzles by hand.

Sudoku League

Sudoku time-trial tournaments. Gauge your Sudoku speed against others.

Speed Sudoku

Head-to-head and multiplayer Sudoku games

Random Sudoku puzzles from IT journalist Paul Stephens.

Database of Sudoku puzzles by Vegard Hanssen.

Solving Sudoku

Angus Johnson's step-by-step guide to solving Sudoku.

Sudoku Newspapers

The Times – Su Doku

Daily Sudoku, Samurai Sudoku and Killer Sudoku in the popular UK daily newspaper. Login required.

The Sunday Times – Su Doku

Play our Sudoku puzzles in our interactive Sudoku game. Login required.

The Daily Mail

Billed as the first to introduce Sudoku to the UK, but actually followed The Times.

The Guardian – Sudoku Classic

Daily hand-crafted symmetrical Sudoku puzzles from Nikoli.

Sudoku Programs

Sudoku Snake

Great little Sudoku program for PC with plenty of useful features including details on all the advanced solving techniques.

SadMan Software Sudoku

A freeware Sudoku solving aid with auto pencil marks and printable Sudoku puzzles.

Sudoku Communities

Live Journal – The Sudoku Community

Sudoku addicts join together and post opinions on puzzles from around the world.

Sudoku Forums

Sudoku Programming Forum

An informative Sudoku programmers' forum that contains several interesting articles on generating single solution Sudoku puzzles.

Can you recommend a good Sudoku website? Please contact us with your recommendation!